Our Vineyard

The estate is the link between both the family of Jérôme and Amélie’s. Each of the two 1er Cru terroirs: Jouy-les-Reims and Ecueil, only 4km apart, have their own unique personality. Amélie, Jérôme and their team work about 12 hectares of vines. The work of their vines and the quality of their grapes are at the heart of their concerns.

"This is the key to making a champagne that lives up to our expectations and our terroir".

The way of working the soil has changed over the last 20 years and even more so following their certification of Sustainable Viticulture/High Environmental Value in 2018. They have chosen to start a conversion to organic viticulture. The wine range is gradually being reinvented, integrating more and more vintages in connection with their terroir which Jérome and Amélie take great care of.

The 2020 harvest has been a milestone in this respect as 3 confidential cuvées have been created. The plots and grapes have been rigorously chosen. The methods of vinification as well.

«This year, we have chosen to vinify grapes from a plot in Jouy-Les-Reims of Meuniers and Chardonnays. In the future, we would like to develop this project by using our two terroirs as playgrounds for innovations. A few kilometers separate our two villages, each with its own particularities. In Jouy, the Meunier dominates, while in Ecueil the Pinot is the king! This link between the two family roots should bring future opportunities. We want to pursue this line of work and make it part of our new direction. »